Raley & Associates joins the Investigative Engineers Association

I-ENG-A® [in-juh] : The Investigative Engineers Association, is structured to respond creatively to the needs of its clients, no matter what the size or scope of the project at hand. The broad-based knowledge and skill of its members combine to give I-ENG-A® unparalleled problem-solving abilities. I-ENG-A®’s experienced team of experts stands ready to serve in any capacity you may require.

When necessary, other I-ENG-A® member firms can be tapped to augment local capabilities, thus providing in-depth support for both knowledge and numbers as the circumstances require. Flexibility, innovation, and quality are the backbone of engineering excellence. I-ENG-A® endeavors to ensure that its member firms reflect these qualities. 

I-ENG-A® clients deserve nothing less.

I-ENG-A® provides further support through its Advisors. These member firms are specialists in investigative engineering, and equip I-ENG-A® affiliates with up-to-the-minute information in every aspect of Investigative Engineering. Affiliates are also provided with ready access to the research data for the thousands of case histories that I-ENG-A® has amassed.

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